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CloserRook's Art Archive (always under construction)

2013-02-28 03:01:49 by CloserRook

Hey there!

Here's some stuff I've been up to recently, plus some more stuff:

I have several pieces I've started months ago, but work and school have slowed me down (not that I'm in a hurry to begin with). Commissions aren't available at the moment.
- Alexandra pin up (post-2011 design)
- Alexandra pin up (bikini)
- Lilith in her earlier years (modest version)
- Xana pin up
- A logo I'll probably use for my deviantART page and possibly my forum signature.

More of my other original characters, some posted from my old account. Before I figured out how to make outlines with Illustrator, some of these drawings were made using Flash, then printscreened to Photoshop. That wasn't exactly the best method of digital illustration. Sometime later, Flash keeled over on my computer and I just used Photoshop by itself, coloring directly over my scanned sketches in multiple layers.
Anyway, here they are:
- Alexandra (pre-2011 design)
- Lili (Teen)
- Livia (Adult; Teen; Chibi)
- Nikita (battle worn)


- An awesome commission of my character (Devil) Lilith drawn by Sabtastic. Check out the rest of her artwork here!

Thanks very much for visiting!


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